vic collage

We are the Victorians Rounders team and we are based at the Victoria Club, Leigh Road, Street. We consist of players from all ages from 15-50 and together in the past we have won Division 1, the Knock Out cup/plate and Ladies Tournament several times through the years.

Victorians have been a part of the Somervale Ladies Rounders League since the league began over 30 years ago, and still have some original players playing within our team today!

We train on a Monday evening from 6.30pm onwards and we always welcome any new players.

Please contact Sam on 07841386740 for any additional information on joining us for the forthcoming season.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our photos through the years.


1. Sam Smith
2. Claire Lambert
3. Ellie Oakley Mardle
4. Kelly Oakley Mardle
5. Leanne Wilson
6. Abbie Hopkins
7. Emily Brown
8. Nat Hawkins
9. Gill Taylor
10. Lesley Jefferies
11. Lyn Linter
12. Sophie Packer
13. Sapphire Giles
14. Katie Perkins
15. Tina Alexopolus
16. Vicky Ferriday
17. Zoe Penny
18. Holley Richards
19. Hannah Brown
20. Drew Walker
21. Carrie Mullen
22. Bev Jordan
23. Emily Lee
24. Hayley Jellis